Contact information

Republic of Iraq, Kurdistan Region, Erbil, Dashti Hawler, Pirmam street, Kelekin section № 1/5, sub-section № 85

Working days and hours (for visitors):

With regard to the spread of coronavirus infection COVID-19 and taking into account the Government of the Russian Federation Decrees as well as measures taken by the Kurdistan Regional Government, consular reception is not carried out.

Days off: Friday, Saturday

Phone numbers:

+964 750 134 86 74 (for official use only, this line is open 24/7)

Attention! Information over VISA, Passport, Notary issues, etc. is never provided!

+964 750 720 65 21 (Information over VISA, Passport, Notary issues, etc.)

Attention! This cellphone number works strictly on working days and hours only!