Republic of Iraq, Kurdistan Region, Erbil, Dashti Hawler, Pirmam street, Kelekin section № 1/5, sub-section № 85

Phone numbers:

+964-750-134-86-74 (for official use only, this line is open 24/7)

Attention! Information over VISA, Passport, Notary issues, etc. is never provided!

+964-750-720-65-21 (Information over VISA, Passport, Notary issues, etc.)

Attention! This cellphone number works strictly on working days and hours only!

Days off: Friday, Saturday E-mail:

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Уважаемые посетители,

В период объявленных в России в 2021 г. майских праздников и выходных с 1 по 10 мая Генконсульство не будет осуществлять прием посетителей и обработку документов.

Очередной консульский прием состоится 12 мая 2021 г.

С уважением, Генеральное консульство России в Эрбиле.



Taking into account the measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus, the Russian Consulate General in Erbil temporarily holds a consular reception twice a week (Sunday and Wednesday from 11.00 to 13.00).

Appointments, preliminary approval of specific issues of the provision of consular services are carried out by e-mail and, as well as by phone: + 964-750-720-65-21. This phone is available on working days (Sunday to Thursday from 10.00 to 13.00).

We urge citizens to use e-mail, to receive reference information on urgent consular issues.

(!) PLEASE, BE ADVISED: Effective March 18, the Government of the Russian Federation temporarily banned the entry of all foreign nationals (and stateless persons) including those who arrived from the territory of the Republic of Belarus, as well as citizens of the Republic of Belarus. The ban does not apply to diplomats, airplane crew members, permanent residents of the Russian Federation, or transit passengers.

For some categories of foreign nationals, entry restrictions are lifted, including for specialists who service imported equipment. Such a measure will reduce the negative impact of the restrictions on the activities of Russian industrial enterprises, including those that manufacture equipment to fight the coronavirus infection.